I am an Independent Producer and Arts Project Manager. I also do Consultancy. I work with artists – lots of different types of artists. My main field is theatre…. I like to develop / create / support / make work that shares stories of different cultures…. and by doing this I hope to bring people closer together.

Ive spent nine years working with South African artists and I have colleagues in Africa who are very special to me. But I also make work here in the UK. I like to work collaboratively with other folk on their projects. I really enjoy developing proposals, and making things happen.

I am a Creative Enabler. I even like writing grant applications (some people think that’s weird) I work with some artists on an on-going basis, others on an individual project basis. Last year I even launched a ‘pay the producer by the hour’ so that working with me can be broken into bite sized chunks and you only pay for the services that you need.